A small project dedicated to produce a program that will be able to parse a mamblog-based web log and export it in a portable xml format.



From this site you can download some useful programs that i have created in the past.


  • Bibman is an application created as part of my MSc dissertation project.
  • A parser for the Livejournal XML format written in python.
  • A program that calculates the evaportranspiration of a plant, based on the corrected Penman-Monteith method.
  • calCalc is a little program that will calculate the basal metabolic rate and other parameters important for people that want to practice wight control. The preformatted text version is designed to work with small screen devices such as cell phones and pdas
  • myBill , a program designed to help each one of us to keep track of his expenses
  • myCrop , a farm managment application
  • maintainme. An online service, that makes maintenance monitoring and reporting a piece of cake.

If you would like to see the source code of these and any other projects I am developing you can visit my github page.


Leksbot project page

From this site someone can download leksbot a freeware explanatory dictionary of botanic terms that i created.

Leksbot's has been compiled on Linux, FreeBSD for x86 compatible computers and Solaris for Ultra Sparc.

From here you can download the last updated version of Index. *Last updated 10-6-2003*

For observations ideas or anything else please send me an e-mail at nickapos at agriroot.aua.gr