I come from the Stavies a village at the foot of  Asterousia mountain in the southern part of the prefecture of Heraklion, of Crete Greece.

  graduated from Mires high school in the year of
1996 and  was accepted in at Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Larissa in the specialty of Agricultural Engineering and Irrigation. After participatig in the national exams for the second time I was accepted in the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) in  the Department of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering , after my graduation from AUA I was accepted in the postgraduate program MSc in IT at the University of Glasgow. So now I am a graduate of the AUA specializing in Water Resources Management and a graduate of the University of Glasgow  specializing in Software Engineering.

I like stamp collecting, music, reading, computers, collecting comics Asterix and Lucky Louk etc. If you would like more information about me you can download a version of my CV from here in Greek or in English.

On this website you can find information about various projects that I have created in the past and notes I wrote during my studies at the various universities.