A small project dedicated to produce a program that will be able to parse a mamblog-based web log and export it in a portable xml format.



From this site you can download some useful programs that i have created in the past.


  • Bibman is an application created as part of my MSc dissertation project.
  • A parser for the Livejournal XML format written in python.
  • A program that calculates the evaportranspiration of a plant, based on the corrected Penman-Monteith method.
  • calCalc is a little program that will calculate the basal metabolic rate and other parameters important for people that want to practice wight control. The preformatted text version is designed to work with small screen devices such as cell phones and pdas
  • myBill , a program designed to help each one of us to keep track of his expenses
  • myCrop , a farm managment application
  • maintainme. An online service, that makes maintenance monitoring and reporting a piece of cake.

If you would like to see the source code of these and any other projects I am developing you can visit my github page.


Bibliography manager

Welcome to my dissertation project web page. You can download a beta (so far) binary version of the program, read the installation instructions and the full technical documentation of the project.

You can download a zip of the beta version of the application from here . This archive includes, the application, both in binary and source code formats and its full technical specifications. You can use and expand it for free. The src directory contained in the zip file is a netbeans project directory. You can use it directly through netbeans.

After you download one of the above files you have to follow the  installation instructions to make the application operational. To see how this application works you can read the manual in pdf format or in html format.

Leksbot project page

From this site someone can download leksbot a freeware explanatory dictionary of botanic terms that i created.

Leksbot's has been compiled on Linux, FreeBSD for x86 compatible computers and Solaris for Ultra Sparc.

From here you can download the last updated version of Index. *Last updated 10-6-2003*

For observations ideas or anything else please send me an e-mail at nickapos at agriroot.aua.gr

Bibliography Manager Installation Instructions


To be able to use this application, You must have a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or a JDK (Java Development Kit) with version or above 1.5.0 installed. Your java binary must be in the path otherwise the batch file for the windows or the shell file for Un*x systems will not work.

If you have more than one versions of Java installed you will have to change your shell file or you batch file to point to one of them that is of version 1.5.0 or above.

Information about the distribution files

To install the application as you could imagine you have to download one of the two files available on the web site depending what compression fomat you like. The first one is a tar file zippes with the bzip2 compression program and the second is a traditional zip file.
The contents of the two files are exactly the same however. The reason I have two different files is because if you are a Windows user you are more comfortable in using winzip as a compression program and if you are a Un*x most probably you use tar with gzip or bzip2.

So after you download the file that you feel most comfortable with, unzip it. Now you have a directory that contains:

  • a jar file named bibliography-manager.jar
  • a jar file named hsqldb.jar
  • one .bat file named bibman.bat
  • one .sh file named bibman.sh
  • one directory named dataset
  • one directory named datadir

The two bibman files are the batchfiles needed from java in order to execute a jar file. You choose bibman.bat if you are a Windows user and bibman.sh if you are Un*x user. There is a possibility that you will have to edit bibman.sh to make it point at the path where your shell interpreter (e.g bash) is installed in your system if it is not in /bin/ but that is more or less unlikely.

The file bibliography-manager.jar is the application file and the one the two batch files call. You can call it directly by using the command "java -jar bibliography-manager.jar" or use one of the two files mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The file hsqldb.jar contains the database engine and database driver the application uses. The name ot the database used in this application is Hypersonic SQL and hence the name of the file. You do not use this file directly. That means that you do not have to do anything with it. The application uses it internally.

The directory dataset holds the initial SQL files used to create and populate the database with the appropriate data. It will not be required from you to touch anything in this directory.

The directory datadir is the directory that will hold in the future all the files created by the database engine that exists in the application. You will not have to touch anything in this directory.

The installation steps

To install the application you will have to go through three steps.

First step: Start the application. If you are using linux, you may see some exceptions. These are thrown because the application is trying to read from database and it cannot find one. You are going to tell it where that database is.

Second step: In the menu File you will find an option with name configure. Click it and a small window will come up with three fields. These three fields configure where the datadir and dataset directories are and what will be the name of the database the application is going to work with. Because of the way the distribution archive is setup you do not need to change anything. Just hit the save button and then close the configure window.

Third step: Now the configuration of the application is ready. The only thing missing is for you to restart the application so it can load the tables it needs from the database.

You have finished the configuration. Now go to the manual section of the application site to see how to use it.